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Things r going realy 2ugher wn u r ased 2 do most challenging task of writing abt urself rgt nw i m on D same stone. I m very complex person who is really difficlt2 undrstnd n difficlt2 go wid, try2 do things in my own way n dont lik2 take any advices(gyan)n D worst thing as my frnds says i m nvr ready 2 accept my mistakes & defeats.I jst luv 2 maintain my status, cant do anything below it evn if i m dying.It is very easy4 me 2open up 2D people who r new 2me. This is al rubbish wht my frnds says.i know they r true bt this was only 1 side now luk on D othr part of coin. A grt fun lovng guy in front of u, committed 2 promises I mk, crazy abt aamir,lv music n surfing on D net, D word tension is nvr wid me.. I m a kind of person u cant live in isolation evn 4 a min.I beliv in simple living n high thinking n luv straight forward people, my frndz says i am very careless 4 myself n very careful 4 others..yeah i m. u know i m nt gud in boasting of myself. 2 Sum Up.. sum persons spend their life while others live it.sum birds r meant 2 b on d ground while 4 othrs Sky Is D Limit.! n i think I m 1 of d 2nd kind.
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Khabo Main Tera Aana Jana Acha Laga

Khabo Main Tera Aana Jana Acha Laga,
Dil Main Tera Ghar Banana Acha Laga

Apne Badan Se Aa Rahi Hai Khushboo,
Chupke Se Tujhe Ang Lagana Acha Laga

Zindagi Meri Ibadat Ke Siva Kush Nahi,
Tujhko Apna Khuda Banana Acha Laga

Mera Wajood Jalkar Kundan Ho Gaya,
Teri Yaad Main Khudko Jalana Acha Laga

Tere Honto Ko Deke Hassi Ka Khazana,
Teri Aankho Se Ashak Churana Acha Laga

Mere Izhaar-E-Mohabat Par Halke Se,
Tera Band Labo Se Muskurana Acha Laga

Meri Chhahat Ke Chhote Se Chaman Me,
Tera Khushboo Ban Bikhar Jana Acha Laga

‘Veer’ka Ghar Kisi Jannat Se Kam Nahi,
Teri Yaadon Se Ghar Ko Sajana Acha Laga

Just for My Dream Friend..!!

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